Oakley Video (episode)

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We see Maddie walk out the door. She walks away from the house.


Maddie walks to a video store. Oakley Video, as it’s called, is the last video store in the area. It opened in 1983, and thus has EST. 1983 on its sign. Maddie walks in.


The store boasts some used movie props and framed animation cels, as well as an actual car from a movie (it’s based on the DeLorean time machine), and of course, DVDs and Blu-Rays. It also has some used VHS tapes and serves pizza. Maddie sees her father stocking some movies on shelves.

MADDIE: You do realize nobody rents movies anymore, right?

MR. OAKLEY: Just doing what I can, Mads.

MADDIE: If you’d known about this you’d opened a music store or something.

MR. OAKLEY: Good point. Now, I’m preparing to do a commercial. I need some people to do it. Remember, it has to scream Hollywood to the top of its lungs.

MADDIE: I think I got it covered.


LARRY: You do realize that movie rentals are a thing of the past?

MADDIE: My dad begs to differ, I’m afraid.


LARRY: Okay, I’ll do it. But I don’t think a lot of people will watch it.

MADDIE: Now that I can understand.


Larry is holding a phone, and Jimmy’s holding a boom mic. Both are walking in. Maddie’s also holding a script. Millie is walking as well, ready to act in the commercial She’s wearing a clip-on mic.


MADDIE: Okay, people, we need to make a commercial that screams Hollywood. My dad said so.

JIMMY: You do real--

MADDIE: I get that a lot, Jim. Dad thinks otherwise. Okay, Millie, you ready?

MILLIE: Hopefully my star power can make it good.

MADDIE: Okay, Larry, turn on that phone.

Larry turns it on, and we see the footage on the phone’s camera.

MILLIE: Oakley Video brings you a movie experience north of an ancient civilization...

MADDIE (whispering): Why did I let her improvise?

MILLIE: ...and we will offer you some pizza to go with the movie. Plus we got used props from movies that you could be watching. Come to Oakley Video, 499 McCartney Road. Call us at 555-6258. Remember, that’s the same as calling 555-OAKV. Oakley Video: Bringing Hollywood to Texas.

MADDIE: Okay, Larry, we got enough.

LARRY: Sure people will watch?

MADDIE: Just turn it off.

Larry presses the stop button on his phone.

MADDIE: I need to record some more footage of the store. See you later, Lar?

LARRY: See ya.

Both hug each other. Larry, Jimmy, and Millie walk out the door.

LARRY: Are you sure I didn’t ruin my career, Jim?

JIMMY: No, you didn’t. You don’t even have a career yet.

LARRY: Good point.

As they walk out, Larry sends the recorded footage to Maddie.

MADDIE: I wonder what Dad will think of it?


We see Maddie walk in the door, and Mr. Oakley is in the counter.

MR. OAKLEY: Good news, Maddie! I saw the finished ad you sent me. I loved it. Too bad I couldn't find a professional crew though. Also, I got a station to air it.

MADDIE: WHat station?

MR. OAKLEY: WHUD. Channel 13. Independent. The ad airs at 6:00.

MADDIE: Okay, I can watch it with my friends.

MR. OAKLEY: 6:00 a.m.

MADDIE: Told you nobody rents movies anymore. Get the memo?

MR. OAKLEY: At least it’s airing though.

MADDIE: Whatever. If you decide to make it a pizza restaurant or close it, please let me know.

Maddie walks out the door.

Credits roll.